MayorMayor of Douliu City:

Political conviction:
Everyone has their own acre of dream to grow in their heart. Maybe it is about environment, society, economic, politic, love work or family. Now it’s about time that the land under our feet begin to gestate it is dream. Just like the sample house of a mansion: you can always expect other to gasp simply by a glimpse of the future picture.

What I want to express is, that there is nothing to be afraid about being a wild dreamer. The forwarding power often came from our heart is desire, judging from the life experience of my own some 14 years ago until now. If my life experience has prove it so , then I believe that running a governing group is no difference. I believe that Douliu is future will also be able to apply to this wonderful faith of mine.
Every vote in my vote chamber is like a precious, shiny dream passed to my hand. With all these words, what I truly want to express is that, we will serve our people with greatest enthusiasm and most innovative point of view.
In the future flowers will be widely grown around the city, roads will be smooth without dangerous holes, lot more cultural activities and filled with more homey atmosphere around town. With clean budget, clear office process and touching services served to all. The cultural area rebuilt from an old sugar factory will be soon opened without hesitation. In the future, days in Douliu will be progresings because of Shu-ya’s determination and your participation.


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